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When my oldest daughter was just 3 years old she got a rash on her face.  I had no intention of using a harsh chemical product on her delicate skin and so I spent many a late night researching what gentle, organic products might be available at that time.  My background in health sciences and in the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements markets came in handy and I was able to find a product that not only worked for her, but did not damage her skin.

So, I thought, if as a mother this is something I am searching for, surely there are other mothers out there doing the same. For the next 10 years I sourced and sold to retailers an assortment of organic beauty care products that I felt were ethically produced, not over priced and most importantly things that could assist the consumer to feel good about using the product.

Today, we continue to provide the very best, organic products for our customers by producing handcrafted, small batch organic products. Most of our ingredients are sourced from our organic gardens and made to order especially for the customer in mind. We hope that with each item that you purchase you will feel that you have been welcomed into our garden.

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Bright blessings from Lammas Farm.